The only place a person seeks to take a rest after a long working day is their bedroom on a comfortable bed. It is necessary to relax completely to get rid of the full day's stress and tension. One always wants to design their bedroom in their own way. A good and peaceful sleep refreshes and energizes the person for the next day for their work. It is very important to select the bedroom set because it reflects us as a person, and it also elevates the mood. Selecting Colours, wallpaper, wardrobe design, bed padding, study unit, TV cabinet are essential. Bedroom furniture is like the little pieces of a jigsaw that will fit together when well planned. It also includes how spatial planning should be done. Why not make your bedroom please where you can be yourself.? Stylish beds beautiful dressing tables, spacious wardrobes, and decorative mirrors helps to make your room look vivacious. Furnest has a wide range of luxurious and contemporary bedroom sets which fits your budget and durability in the same pocket. A carefully chosen bedroom can pull off the design elements in the room and add a meaning of totality.


A classic bedroom with a wardrobe, bed, table and comfort.


All you need is some space and me time.


Live in the Maharaja style.


Your tiny world curated in one blue-tiful room.

Dream big

A spacious room to enhance your dreams.


Guest rooms are designed to be simple and relaxing.


White and brown for bedrooms have been the best go to choice for all.


Simplicity is the best solution to the elegance.

Woody moody

Woods are the integral part of any interior.


Design your space with the best colours and unique designs.


Rustic mood for the room.


Hocolatey room for the escape.